Who Am I?

For as long as I can remember, I am passionate about connecting people together, about sharing about and beyond cultures. I come from a country where friends of one’s friends are automatically one’s friends and conversation is more than just a social activity: it’s the art of debating ideas in order to develop critical thinking, knowledge and philosophy. To me, questions are doors to be open and challenges are opportunities to climb a new step. I have no final goal, just a mindset: enjoy the journey of life and make the best out of it! Eager to learn, discover and experience; I am always pursuing a global understanding in order to come to people, collaborate with them and reach enlightenment together.

  • (2015) Master’s Degree in Art&Culture Management, minor in digital technologies&medias (Honors)
  • (2012) Bachelor’s Degree in Information & Communication, minor in multimedia creativity (Honors)
  • (2011) Communication Networks and Services (Graphic Design), 2-year post high school diploma
  • (2008) Scientific Baccalaureat (High-School Degree), with Maths and Fine Art options (Honors)